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How to Serve Cheese

Serving a variety of cheeses before dinner, after dinner, or as horsdoeuvres, makes an elegant and tasty snack. With very little preparation, a chees...More

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Do you love cheese, but are never sure what kind to buy? Do you often find a cheese you love, but can't remember what it was called two months later? This site exists as a repository of cheese knowledge. Keep track of your own favorite cheeses, read which cheeses other members prefer, and share your own cheese reviews with the community.

Have you heard what our members think about Grafton Village Cheddar?

medium semi hard It's nice and sharp, but not too poignant. It still tastes like classic cheddar, but with a more gourmet feel. Resident Cheesemonger
medium semi hard This is a nice cheese. It tastes like it is made of quality ingredients, if such a thing can be discerned. It tasted more bitter than I would like, and the texture was just a touch more crumbly than would be ideal for me. This is a cheese I would definitely be happy to have available, but I will continue to seek out the ultimate cheddar. Eric K from Boston